Tidal Lock plans, builds, manages and deploys projects for mobile, web and social media platforms. On budget. On schedule. Guaranteed. *
(* What does guaranteed mean? It means that Tidal Lock won't charge you a single dollar over budget, and if for whatever reason your project is delivered late, Tidal Lock will reduce its budget every day until that project is delivered.)
  • Starfish

    Developed to manage critical maintenance workflow at the Toronto Star, Starfish is a web- and email-based issue management platform which allows departmental stakeholders to assign, track and manage multiple concurrent tasks. Starfish was deployed in early 2009 by Star Media Group Digital.

    Additional features include: extensive web-based administrator management; multiple user tiers; robust error management; MediaWiki and Twitter integration.
  • Project Slicer

    Project Slicer is a collaborative post-mortem platform for managing and dashboarding project quality information. Project managers can assess quantitative attributes such as time variance and profitability, and qualitative criteria like user satisfaction, stakeholder satisfaction and reusability.

    In addition to tracking statistics such as time variance and profitability, Project Slicer also solicits feedback from team members to answer the three most critical post-launch project management questions: 1. What worked? 2. What didn't work? 3. What can we do to improve in the future?
  • Six Negative

    Six Negative is an open source photo management tool for storing, sorting and publishing images (although it can also h andle videos and audio files). The application is written in PHP/MySQL.

    Six Negative was designed for the prolific photographer whose storage and publishing needs exceed the feature-sets and usage restrictions of social image sharing tools like Flickr, Picasa and Facebook. Six Negative doesn't necessarily replace those tools; rather, it exists upstream as an image archiving platform and can be used to centralize assets which are then distributed through social media.
  • Pterotype

    Pterotype is a conceptual planning tool which facilitates the visual management of ideas, illustrations and geographical locations.

    The website utilizes JQuery to provide near-instantaneous feedback on all critical user interactions, ensuring a user's train of thought isn't disrupted by delays interacting with the database.

    A beta release is currently available to the public.
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  • App Development

    Tidal Lock builds mobile and web applications using a variety of ubiquitious and platform-specific technologies.
  • Project Management

    PMI-compliant project management is a part of every Tidal Lock project, regardless of whether a single line of code needs to be written.
  • Technical Specification

    Documentation, even in an agile development environment, ensures that proper requirements have been captured and technical challenges considered. Tidal Lock is proficient at business documentatiom (project proposals, budgets, schedules, project scope), administrative documentation (status reports, change orders) and technical documentation (application architecture, information architecture and usability assessment, technical specification, test plans).
  • Incubation

    Tidal Lock invests in unique business applications and opportunities, contributing technical management and/or web development services. Please inquire about specific joint venture opportunities.